[BUG] highlighting issues

  1. Sometimes lingQed phrases are not highlighted. See screenshot below. You can see that in the first image (to the left) ‘A quel punto’ is not highlighted, when in fact is at level 2 (see right image), so should be yellow.

I’ve also reported these bugs a few months ago, but I’d just like to mention them again.

  1. when a lingQed phrase is at level 4, there is no underline of the phrase. So it appears exactly the same as a known phrase, i.e. completely white. Level 4 phrases should be highlighted with an underline, just like level 4 words.

  2. when a lingQed phrase is known/level 5 (and also because of the above bug this also includes level 4), it does not show the highlighting of any individual word. For instance, even though the phrase is known, maybe there is one word in the phrase which you are still learning and should be yellow, but these words are not highlighted.

Can I please ask that you bring these bugs forward in priority? It’s been over four months and, correct me if I’m wrong, highlighting is considered a core function of LingQ. The words are highlighted because it forces our mind to pay particular attention to the words/phrases and, in theory, therefore increase our likelihood of learning the new words. Please move these bugs forward in priority.


Thanks, we will look into this.

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I’d like to confirm that I’m also experiencing a similar issue in Firefox. For me, it started happening yesterday, and it’s interfering with my progress and the accurate tracking of my statistics.

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