[BUG] Generate audio is broken on iOS

As indicated in the title, the Generate Audio function is broken on iOS (5.5.20). I can see the pop up prompting me to generate audio and when I click on the icon, percentages go up, but what happens when I go back to the lessons view, the audio length flashes for a few seconds before reverting to --:–. I have to use the web app to generate the audio in order for it to display properly.


Hi @SeoulMate , thank you for pointing out this!
I see the audio length numbers are switching to --:-- in the Library, but after ~5-10 seconds they come back to the proper values. The audio generation seems to work fine, however, possibly there are some issues causing the delay in updating the lesson data.
Can you please check this on your side? When the numbers are switching to --:-- try to wait ~10 seconds and refresh the Library screen - will those numbers come to correct?

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Hi @Denys_B

I have tried again tonight, but it doesn’t work on my end. As I said, I am prompted to generate the audio, but when I go the library, all I see is - -:- - instead of normal figures. I waited a couple of minutes, but the figures never appeared. I went back to the lesson and the audio wasn’t generated as it should have been (although it definitely said 100% before). I was unable to play the track when clicking on the play icon and was prompted to generate the audio again, so it appears that it doesn’t generate properly the first time round. The only workaround for me at the moment is to generate it on the web app and then move on the iPad to go through the lesson.


I have experienced the same issue. Only the first 10 sec or so of audio was generated.

And once the audio’s been generated, there’s no turning back. On the surface the minute counts are correct, but when you play it, it can only play the first 10 min or so.

And when you play in the sentence mode, it starts with the first sentence and stops at the first 10 min or so.

Can someone look into this? Thank you!


I have the same problem.

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