BUG Failing Keybinding on Nested LingQs


I have had this issue several times on computer. When using the arrow keys to tab to a nested LingQ, i.e. a LingQ with another LingQ in it, all keybindings fail to work and the site has to be reloaded. The browser does not matter, both Safari and Chrome have had this issue.

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Hi @esimkin !
Could you please provide some clarification: is this happening in the lesson when you attempt to choose a status or a meaning for a Blue word or Phrase by pressing the Up/Down hotkeys?

This happens in lessons from the website and when I import ebooks and am reading. To go from one unknown word to the next, I use the arrow keys. When there is a word, perhaps on status 2, and it is inside a phrase that may be on status 1, it will no longer let me arrow in or out. Attempting to change the status with the number keys 1, 2, 3, 4 and K will do nothing. Using the arrow keys to go to the next phrase no longer works. Up-Down hotkeys no longer works. It is as if all hotkeys stop working.

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