[BUG] Edit Sentence on Android does not work

On Android, if you are in a lesson, find an error (eg. a spelling error), go to Edit Sentence, and make the changes, the sentence does not save/update. The sentence remains exactly the same as before. Nothing happens.

You need to click on done or enter on your own keyboard, and then on done in the upper right corner of the Lingq pop up. It should save your changes.

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Oh wow! I didn’t even notice there was a little ‘enter’ button on the Android keyboard. I definitely wasn’t looking for such a button. Thanks! It works now. :smiley:

Great, glad to hear you figured it out!

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Sorry about this. It should be fixed now. Clicking Done is no longer required.

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About this topic. I noticed that if you click the “copy previous” button in the android app when you’re editing the sentence. It will actually copy the start time of the previous sentence and not the end time. On the website this is done correctly though.

Thanks for that! Is it possible to make it that when you press the ‘back’ button you do NOT save it? Unless I’m wrong (I only played around with it quickly this morning), there’s no way to leave the Edit Sentence window without saving. Sometimes you want to leave the window without saving because, for instance, you accidentally deleted the wrong part.

I’m afraid not. It is now autosaved. You will have to undo your changes before clicking Done.

Thanks for that @rickvan_wichen. we’ll get it fixed!