[BUG] Disappearing Posts / First Post

This is two related bugs in one. First Bug: I had made my first post previously, but due to deleting it, when I made my second post, it treated it like it was my first post. This resulted in me having to wait again and also caused a chain reaction leading to the Second Bug.

Second Bug: while I was waiting for my second “first” post to be approved, I also made 2 bug reports on the forum regarding other issues. Both of them had to wait to be approved since I hadn’t been approved for my second “first” post. When one of my “first” posts was approved, the others just disappeared, which means I’ll have to write them all over again.

Suggestion: I understand approving posts to make sure that you don’t get spam on the forum, but if someone has a premium account, I don’t think they should have to wait for their first post to be approved. It would be inefficient for bots and spammers to pay that kind of money to spam LingQ. Also, someone who is paying shouldn’t have to wait hours to post for help on the support forum.

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Thanks for your report. We will look into it and see what we can do to improve things.

Hi RockinRoo. Thanks for bringing our attention to it! We pushed update, from now on first post of premium users should not require approval in order to post on the forum.