[Bug?] Difference Between LingQ Profile & LingQ Forum Profile Information [No Way to Edit LingQ Forum Profile Info]

Hi LingQ Forum Support Team,

I felt the original username I used on sign-up didn’t fit anymore, so I edited it on my LingQ profile—and added an image so people could put a “face to the [username]” :smile: (this worked great!), but when I checked my LingQ Forum profile, it didn’t update there. So, it’s still showing the old username with no profile:

LingQ Forum Information {No Way to Edit}

(Look :arrow_upper_left: for lack of photo as of today: Jul 17, 2023, :wink: .)

This is a lower-priority potential bug, but I wanted to document it for y’all. And it would be nice for people to see more than a pink circle with “JP” on it when they see my posts/replies :laughing: .


*Note: Edited to fix typos.

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Thanks for reporting this, we will look into it.

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Looks like my profile photo finally linked with the LingQ Forum.

Thank you LingQ Support Team!

The username still shows as jpp025 instead of joan_LanguageProcess, but it’s progress.

Thank you!