[bug] Dictionary management resets daily

Although I exempted https://www.lingq.com for cookies, since a few days, the dictionaries get a daily reset despite the cookie exemption. Why? What is going on i.e. what changed?

A friendly suggestion is to communicate changes so we can respond directly to the changes.

Please let me know what is going on, whether you are going to fix it and when.


I find this dictionaries reset very annoying. Sometimes they all disappear, and often they go out of order.

For this reason I have decided to use only few dictionaries for every language, which is very annoying because I’d like to use a lot more.

I don’t even change the order right now, I just leave them randomly if the system scramble them. The reason is that, in the past, when I tried to reorder them in one language, they got scrambled in all other languages, all the time!

I wished they could fix this problem for good.

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Thanks, we will investigate the issue.

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@zoran I discovered that the exemption I had for lingq was gone. After inserting it again, the dictionaries appear to be stable. Hopefully, that was all to it.