[BUG] Deleted lessons still appear inside course and cannot be removed

Please can you fix the above bug once and for all.

When I delete a lesson, this lesson is still present within the course, but cannot be opened or deleted at all.

I have tried all browsers as well as Android and iOS, but nothing works.

Also, the course containing said lessons cannot be deleted either. So I am left with ghost courses containing 0 lessons which keep cluttering my library.

Other users have reported the same issue and it would be nice to get this sorted out. These caching issues have been ongoing since the early days of v5. Get a grip guys.


This is a very annoying bug. A year ago or more I was able to find workarounds to delete them, but now it is impossible, there is no workaround as far as I know. I’ve tried everything.

I really hate those ghosts. I even have a course that is a ghost and can’t be deleted.

The only thing I’m happy about is that now there are many more unhappy users posting about it, and I don’t feel like the only one having this OCD to keep my courses clean!


I checked the forum and people have been reporting this issue as far back as… 2019!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I just sent support an email regarding this problem. I just wish issues like these would be fixed once and for all.


Great research! Yes, I wish the same.

If the problem can’t be fixed for some software-core reason, at least, it would be nice if they gave us a way to workaround and delete those ghosts on our own! Or some other solution!

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I just came to post about the exact same issue. Quite annoying as I now have quite a few duplicate lessons (one being a dead link).

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Hi @SeoulMate !
Thank you for pointing out the issue. Currently, the LingQ team is working on fixing it.

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Really? This bug has been banging around since 2019.

A year ago, when I was a wet-behind-the-ears LingQer, it was one of the first really disappointing bugs I encountered that tipped me that the LingQ codebase was a mess, if not a disaster.

Adding and deleting items in a collection is Programming 101. That it didn’t work properly from the beginning, much less fixed years later, means something is very wrong.

I challenge your team to fix this soon.


I have a same problem. I thought it’s my own problem. I sended support email. But it’s a disappointed…

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