[BUG] Creating new Lingqs DECREASES the number of known words + another bug


As the title suggests, when I create new Lingqs, my number of known words actually goes down by -1 which will eventually mess up my statistics big time.

Also, some words which I am certain I have never encountered before or marked as known are not blue in the text, so I have to go through every sentence extremely carefully just to make sure I am not missing out on any words.

I love Lingq, but these constant bugs are starting to become seriously annoying. It gives the impression that hardly has a bug been reported/fixed that another one appears. And to top it all, they affect aspects of the site that were working well before.


Totally agree with the last paragraph.

If you select a white word (Known word) and then you take action and create a LingQ of it, that word will be counted in LingQs created statistics but it is no longer a known word and that is why your Known words stats drops by 1. Yellow words (LingQs) are considered Known and are counted as Known words once they reach status 4.

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I have the same issue.

@Hide+ What issue exactly do you have?

Words that should be blue words appear as known words. Then I add definitions to the “supposed to be blue words” and set the words as status 1, the known words stats drops by 1. I can 't change status of those “supposed to be blue words”, unless I select a definition first. Some words are properly displayed as blue words and some are not in the same lesson. I started noticing the issue about 5 days ago.

White words are considered Known, so if you select a Known word and create LingQ of it, your Known words stats should drop by 1 since a word is no longer considered known, that’s normal. But your LingQs created stats will increase by 1 in that case. If a word appear as white in text, that means that you made it known previously in a lesson and it’s already included in your Known words stats. Or are you saying that you never made these words known?

I never made those words known. It should be appear as blue because I never saw the words before.

Yep. It happened to me again no later than yesterday. Words I know I have never seen before are white and I have to create a Lingq for them.

Strange, can you please provide lesson/words example? I’ll look into it.