Bug -> Course unknown words/percentages are at maximum even for completed lessons?

Hi LingQ Team support
Earlier today I spotted that the course ‘unknown’ total is not recognising any known words within the course, and the course percentages show as 100% across several different languages, and even when in a lot of cases the lessons have been completed, and the lesson front page totals are showing correctly if the lessons are completed, but any lessons where even if I have zero’unknown’ words within the lesson, but not yet moved it to ‘completed,’ then it shows the same max 100% error at lesson front screen too.
Btw, same on Win10 laptop with Chrome and on iPhone with LingQ App.
Not a showstopper, but confusing symptoms, so any help or feedback appreciated,
Best regards, Frank


i also have been experiencing this issue.

I have the exact same problem and I stumbled upon this thread while looking for a solution… And it has also just started today! Yesterday everything was working correctly.

Same here, seems to have happened a couple of hours ago. Earlier today everything was OK. Let’s hope it will be fixed soon

Yes, I’ve been going through the same on both my web and mobile versions! Came to the forums to see if it was just me hahah

thank god it’s not just me

Sorry about that everyone! We are working on some changes related to new words counters in courses/lessons and that’s why this number is broken at the moment. Will be back to normal soon!