Bug? Can't set word's level on mobile

Basically as the title says, I can’t can’t set word’s level on mobile, more accurately I can tap the number, but it doesn’t persist.

Anyone else having this issue?

Are you using android or iOS app? When did you start experiencing the issue?

iOS – I’m brand new to LingQ, so I noticed it today

Thanks, we will look into it.

Hi @LingualLizard !
Is this happening to all words or only certain ones?
As I know iOS app does not allow changing the status to 1-4 for those words which have any meaning assigned yet.

You’re right it’s only for new words (blue ones) . I mean I can tap on the word and then swipe up to get the full menu where I can then tap on #4 for example, but this selection doesn’t persist. Definitely feels like a bug

The point is that in this case iOS app brings the possibility to choose the meaning of the word from the list of suggestions when asserting a status to a word. While the Web app just assigns automatically the first meaning from the list of available.
On iOS you can try to tap on the 1-4 status icon and while the widget remains open to choose the suitable meaning on your own. Then the Widget closes automatically and the word obtains the intended status and meaning.

So you’re saying that in order to save the desired level you have to pick a definition?

Yes, saving a level for a New word by tapping the 1-4 status icon in the Widget requires picking a definition.