Bug: Avatar store page layout

The Avatar store lost its original page structure.
All the words are now translated to German but there is something wrong with the page layout.
See http://bit.ly/fk6ktE

Thanks for reporting this, hape. It likely has to do with the length of the translation, which is something we feared might happen. We’ll take a look at it and figure out how to best resolve the problem.

I would change the 3 register card texts into:
“Bekleidung”, “Hintergrund”, “in den Händen”
Then it should be OK.
In the moment they are too long to fit into window width.
Or reduce the font size and allow text wrapping in the register cards.

@hape - This has to do with the length of the German translations in the tabs in the Avatar Store. If you, or anyone else, could send us some shorter titles for “Background Items” and “Handheld Items” we can change the translations and those tabs will be fixed. These don’t have to be exact translations, they just need to convey the meaning and be shorter.

Thanks, hape! Those changes have now been made and the page layout is fixed.

Looks great (again) !