[Bug] Automatic refresh missing post-SRS review on iphone app

On the iphone app, after having done a review on the vocabulary/SRS Due page, the flashcards mode ends and you go back to the vocabulary/SRS Due page, but the remaining SRS Due number does not refresh/update dynamically on the exit of the flashcard review mode.

As a result, if you press the review button again, you start over again with the same flashcards you have just done, instead of moving to the next ones when you have more left to review in the SRS Due queue.

If I switch to the All or Phrases tab after the round of flashcards and then go back to SRS due, then the refresh is triggered and pressing the yellow review button gives me the correct, remaining, unreviewed cards.

That bug does not happen when using the SRS review on the web browser version: the remaining SRS review deck is correctly, dynamically updated on exit of the flashcard mode.

Thanks for reporting, we will look into it.

Thanks for the quick fix. Very much appreciated.