[Bug] Audio for lessons imported from YouTube now computer generated, was better before


I’m not 100% sure but think a detail is now worse than it used to be: the audio I’m getting when I’m hitting the “play audio” button for a lesson imported from youtube, is now the computer generated voice reading the text extracted from the subtitles on youtube.

But if I’m not wrong, in the past, I heard the original sound taken from the YouTube video.

I’ve seen that as well in the app on iOS, as in the web version - not always, but non deterministically on some videos, on others not.

Please let me know if I can help to identify the bug by giving you more detail.


Yes, original video audio should be imported. Do you have that issue for any video you import? What browser/extension are you using?

I’m using Firefox as a browser and the Linq importer 2.2.6 (it just updated today). To check if it’s still an issue, I’ve deleted two lessons with that problem, and re-imported them. It’s now fine for both on the PC, and also when I’m opening them on my smartphone.

So, I think I’ll delete and re-import lessons with that problem, if I want to repeat them. I guess the issue was due to an absolete version of the extension.

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It could have also been this bug.

When the LingQ Importer doesn’t create the audios, then when you hit ‘play audio’, it asks you to generate a TTS audio.

For instance, I imported 15 YouTube videos to a course last week and two of the lessons didn’t correctly import the audio. On both of these lessons, it was asking me to generate a TTS audio. In my experience, if you really want the audio, the only way around it is to delete the lesson(s) and reimport them.