[Bug] Audio for each sentence isn't playing properly

I was going through Mini-Story 3 for Arabic and for some reason when I click the audio icon, the audio doesn’t play. I have to refresh the page to get the audio to play. But the issue comes back again once I slide the page to the next sentence.

The weird thing is when I go back to the previous sentence, the audio plays but plays the entire story.

I updated chrome and tried several other browsers and I still had the same issue.

I need some help fixing this please.


Sorry to hear that. Do you have that issue with that one specific story only?

No this is for every story and lesson.

I also saw another thread explaining a similar problem.


Same issue for Korean. Only the first sentence plays

This problem started for me last night, and continues today with multiple lessons.

same for spanish!

Is happening to me as well.

I also have issues playing the sentence audio in Sentence Mode on both Android and on the browser.

Same for English. Only the first sentence plays. For every story!

Thanks everyone, we are looking into it.


Just adding that the same is happening with French – no audio in either sentence view or page view. Seemed to start last night or perhaps the night before. On some videos lessons – even LingQ’s own mini stories, it stops working on page 2 or 3.

We just pushed an update, could you please give it another try.


It works for me now, Chrome on a desktop

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Hi LingQ team

Had the very same issue with sentence mode this morning, but have now re-tried after your post, (laptop win11 Edge web browser) and it looks to be working fine now … super!

Thanks for the quick fix, Frank

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Its working again at my end on my Firefox browser .


Thank you

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works thanks

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After seeing the update post, I closed/restarted the browser and it appears to work well. Browser==Brave, a chrome browser. Thanks!

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It works now, thank you!

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