[BUG] Android: Times listened incorrect

On Android, if I find an easy lesson and try and read while listenings, if I pause the audio many times through the lesson (to lingQ words), at the end of the lesson, when I press ‘View Lesson Statistics’, it shows me the left screenshot - that, in this example, I’ve listened to the audio 1.3x. I only listened to the audio once, so I reduce it by 0.3x to correct this mistake. If I then exit the lesson, go back into the lesson, and view statistics, I will see the right screenshot - that I’ve only listened to the audio 0.7x.

I then tried this with another lesson, listening and pausing the audio many times. Upon pressing ‘View Lesson Statistics’, I saw that it was 1.5x listened. I closed the lesson, reopened the lesson, then viewed the statistics again. This time it only showed 1.0x.

So it appears that there’s a difference between what the actual recorded statistics is and what it is initially displaying. I wonder how many times I’ve reduced the times listened to the audio to attempt to correct for this ‘overrecording’, when in fact it was correct all along.

Thanks, we will look into this.

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