[BUG] Android: double imports lessons

After the recent Android update, the following happened. I already have imported YouTube videos (on the browser) the other day and shared the course as an external link. Now it’s possible to access those lessons (only in ‘continue studying’ but these external lessons still don’t appear on any of the various shelves though, so still aren’t shared with the other Android users). The issue with my external course is that because I shared it as ‘external’, on Android, when I go into the course and click on a lesson, it redirects me to the YouTube website. In order to use the lesson, I have to click on ‘import’. This means that I end up importing the same lesson again, even though I should have it in my database already. It clearly appears in a new course. And I guess, maybe the second issue for other people who import this course, is that it imports it into a course called ‘Youtube’, not the name of the course I’ve called it ‘InClasse Conversazioni (video YouTube)’. If all YouTube videos end up getting imported into this ‘Youtube’ course, it could be a bit confusing. See screenshot below (the left is the original course and the right is the new course created because I was forced to import the lesson again).

Thanks for the recent update! After the ironing out of the few bugs, it looks great! :smiley:

EDIT: This redirection to the YouTube website is happening with all external lessons, even ones I’ve previously viewed on Android before. They are now no longer available to be viewed on Android without reimporting them.

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Thanks, we will investigate this.

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