Bug - adding dictionary meanings

It’s such hard work to add dictionary meanings.

When I type a definition, it often doesn’t save. I have to keep typing it a few times more until it eventually saves.

A lot of the time when I’m typing, the keyboard freezes and I have to keep pressing refresh to be able to type again.

When I go to add a definition often I get the circle with line symbol, meaning I can’t add a word unless I keep refreshing the page again.

Often you can’t even click onto the word to add a definition unless you refresh the page again or click on a specific spot just above the word then onto the word itself.

The point of LingQ is supposed to be using our time to immerse in the language not being caught up with IT difficulties and bugs.

Thanks for reporting. I asked our team to look into it.

Added definitions seems to be easier today. Not working completely smoothly but good enough. If you’ve done something, thanks!


Great, glad to hear it!

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