Broken lesson

I imported a book which was automatically divided into 26 lessons as part of the import process. I am stuck in lesson number 1 and can’t get into any of the other lessons. Can you possibly fix this for me? I’m through with lesson 1, so if it’s just a matter of deleting that, it would be ok with me.

Hi @cheska99, can you please try to re-import it now? The bug should be fixed. Thanks!

I’m not sure I remember how I imported it in the first place. It’s a book in Italian that I have on my Kindle. Could you please send me the directions for how to do that? Thanks.

You can import a book by using “Import Ebook” option on the top right on the site. Or you can simple copy-paste the text on the regular Import lesson page. Let me know if you need additional help with this.