British Podcasts

People have been asking me to upload some podcasts for a while now and therefore I have created a collection which will consist of British English lessons.
The link is below.

You need to highlight the whole link or re-type the last bit onto the end.
You could also just search British writing improvisations.

The second lesson has been added, its a little longer. Enjoy!

Nice Harry! Thank you, these are great! We want MORE!

The sound quality is great, the only “but” would be that the volume is too low, try to turn up the volume of the microphone on Audacity or/and system preferences when you are recording. To fix the ones you’ve already made just go to audacity and Filter/amplify.

(thank you Harry for mentioning me, I’m flattered!)
(thank you thedoctor xD)

Thanks for the advice Berta :slight_smile:

Lesson 3 has just been added “speaking with natives - language learning”

Lesson 4 is now up.

Hi Harry. It seems very interesting! Thanks for creating them.
I listened the first one, and I will take a look at the rest of them when I have some time :slight_smile:

I will have another article up by tomorrow, its about the English school system.

If you’d like to record any more conversations with me Harry, just let me know!

The new article is up :slight_smile: sure Helen, I am going to upload our first podcast this weekend and then I will send you a message on Skype about arranging another conversation :slight_smile:

Hi everyone, I just put a new article up about Skype, its quite short, but I have adjusted the audio in this podcast so I would love to hear some feedback about the quality of the sound in this one.

Hi Harry. In your last lesson It seems to me there is kind of noise (voices) in background.
The volume is now higher.

Yes we have harry and the tv, two for the price of one!

The volume is great on this one!

Yes, Berta, I can understand better the tv than Harry.
(just kidding!!)