Bring back LIngQ V1?

Hi, LingQ’ers,

I know you’ve worked your butts off on V2. And from the little I’ve seen of it, it does look significantly different from V1.

And I’m experiencing the same problems since introduction. Buttons not functional, audio not working, etc. Appears to vary by which type of browser I use…

How about you bring back LingQ V1 for those of us who simply want to get on with the business and pleasure of learning languages? That way, you can recoup and relax and work out the kinks and we, the users, can still do what we need to do. Then when V2 actually works the way you would like, we can migrate to it.

Please, please…???

In fact, the vast majority of users are pleased and excited by what they see in the new LingQ. Most of the major problems preventing people from using the site were cleared up yesterday, for most users. There are a number of remaining problems that we are working to fix.

It is only in the real environment that these problems surface, since we tested on our test server for months before launching. I might add that this whole project has taken over 6 months, with the participation of many people, and the goal was to make LingQ better and to respond to the many constructive criticisms we had heard from our users. LingQ is a community, and it will always be the case that in any community there will be differences of opinion, and even differences of interests. We feel that upgrading LingQ will tremendously benefit most people in our community. That is why we did it, although we were not obliged to do it.

I can appreciate that there are users who would prefer to just have the old system back. My impression from most of our users, including those who have encountered problems is that they are happy to work with us, reporting bugs and problems and concerns, and want us to continue with the work of making the new LingQ as good as it can be. Therefore, we are not going to divert our energies and resources into recreating a version of the old system. We think the interests of the majority of our users are best served by us staying the course and completing the work of getting the new system fully functional. I hope you can understand and appreciate your patience.

In my humble opinion is very comum the people feel fear of the unknown, I knew to use all the LingQ 1.0 tools, and now I need to learn how to use lingQ again but I’m very exited with this new experience, descovering the tools again.
My tip for all the learners is to be patient,confident, because the LingQ Staff are working every day to give us the best mobility using the LingQ.

They know what they’re doing, and I trust.

Thanks Brazilian Polyglot, and I can understand the frustration of many of our users of the difficulties we are experiencing. With loyal users like you, the site can only improve. Thanks for the support. We are doing it in the interest of the community. Once people are used to the new system, I think it would be impossible to force them back to the old system, because the new system is simply much better for the vast majority of users.

It seems to happen a lot whenever there is a site that undergoes major upgrade. Like Youtube or Facebook.
There are so many “back to the old version” movements.

Now me, I think it’s the same people. Those sites will inevitably change again in the distant future, as will this one. These same people who were so vocal for the old way will want it the way they once campaigned against before.

Thank you for the feedback.

Apparently I was not clear regarding the point I was attempting to make.

I do not want V1 back due to any “the old one was better” thinking. I have no attachment to V1 as I have only been a LingQ member for two weeks. I barely know V1.

What I do know, however, is that V1 was functional, at least to the point of being able to take language lessons.

I have NO problem with V2 in terms of the content or any changes it brings to LingQ. Indeed, from what I have seen of V2, it appears to be a significant improvement over V1.

All I wanted to suggest is that V1 be available so customers can continue with their language work until such time as V2 is fully functional.

I fully understand the LingQ administrators are working to get it functional. And undoubtedly working very hard. I applaud this effort.

I’m merely suggesting that until such time as it is, that V1 be available to us.

Hopefully that makes my suggestion more clear.

Which functions in V2 are not working for you and which browser are you using. I am in chrome and able to do most of what I want to do.

Thank you, Steve.

I have been going back and forth between FF and Chrome to check the functionality.

I can get through the logon page in Chrome. On the following page, when I attempt to access “Learn”, nothing happens. On the pulldown menu labeled “Recommended Lessons”, none of the options are functioning. V1 worked perfectly in Chrome.

In FF, I can logon and access “My Lessons” under the “Learn” button. Once there I have audio for an entire lesson, but not for the individual words. In FF, the load time per page is lengthy.

I shut my system down each night, so I’m fairly confident that this is not a matter of using old cache.

Does that help?

Regards, Bob

Thanks for the feedback Bob. I am not technical so I can only tell you that I am on Chrome and having no problems. Our busy programmers will be looking for answers and solutions to your problems and those of others. Cheers and thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience.

A hint: It is important to refresh the page several times. Or clear the cache of your browser. This should help to solve some problems.

@DrBobAZ - As VeraI mentioned, you may want to try clearing the cache in your browser. Turning off your computer affects your local cache, i.e. which programs are open, etc., but it doesn’t affect the cache in your browsers. This remains either (a) until you manually refresh a page or (b) until you manually clear the cache.

Success! It works again.


Thanks for the suggestions.

With Chrome, I can now access “My Lessons”. The audio, however, is not functioning in the right panel for the individual words.

Regards, Bob

I also like the new version very much.

My problem at the moment is that when I click on the flashcards button on a lesson, I do not simply get the flashcards for that lesson. Sometimes none of them appear, only old ones from completely unrelated lessons that are already at level 4.

What I want to do is to go through the flashcards for the lesson I am studying. These flashcards and no others always appeared in the previous version.

rae, thanks for reporting this and I am sure things will be straightened out soon.

@DrBobAZ - Text-to-speech doesn’t seem to be working at this time, but we are working on a fix for all browsers.

@rae68 - Thanks for reporting this. We’ve identified the issue and hope to have this resolved soon.