Breaking up text greater than 2000 words into multiple lessons-- working?

I uploaded a lesson of 3885 words the other day (and began studying it today). Unfortunately the lesson was broken into 3 separate lessons (instead of the 2 as one would expect).

Specifically, it was divided, by LingQ, as follows:

  • first lesson contains 1936 words
  • second lesson contains 1915 words
  • third lesson contains 34 words

Let me say that reading text in multiple lessons is not a problem-- however i usually upload audio and having to upload it multiple times is a pain ( i accept that). Unfortunately, it has happened a few times where i am uploading audio additional times for just a hundred of so words, and in this case for a mere 34 words because it is not being divided correctly. What gives? Is not the text supposed to be divided into 2000 word lessons?


I don’t like it this way. The audio makes it particulalry problematic.

I’m sure there was a good reason, but I preferred it when it was a 10K word limit and then they warned you to split manually. Ideally, there should be an option to select where you can decide to proceed with an autosplit or do it on your own. Kind of like the old iMovie on Mac for video footage dumped in.


I agree. It would be more fair to have the choice. I figured out that most of my books have chapters that are between 2,000 and 3,000 words. It is more convenient to have a chapter as a lesson.

The much bigger problem is the audio and to cut it into pieces that fit the text.


Hi Michael,
Can you please email me with text you’ve imported? We would like to try importing it, and hopefully we will figure out what could be wrong here.