Breaking up Large Texts

Is there any east way to break up large texts into specific size lessons? I have ebooks in txt file format with no DRM that I can import but it breaks up the lessons terribly. It makes then way too long for a beginner (it would take me a week provably to finish one lesson so then it shows I havent read anything all week) and it cuts off in the middlr of sentences and paragraphs. I would love to cut the text into lessons that are no more than maybe 500 words for beginner level, maybe 1000 for intermediate. Because LingQ only counts completed lessons towards you daily reading total I would prefer them on the shorter side even if that eventually means reading 5+ lessons in one day.

Edit: Sorry I should have been more specific. I know I can copy and paste manually but I have over 7 million words worth of text and that makes the idea of doing it manually extremely off-putting. I am looking for a method that is at least semi-automated.

I don’t know about any technical resolution for this on the LingQ System. But I guess if I had a .pdf, for instance, I’d manually select the paragraphs I wanted to read in the day, and then create a lesson for them on LingQ. I mean, maybe the best way is to import the book gradualy, according to your pace, though it may be a bit painful!

Create a lesson and then copy and paste the text in to the size you want. I’ve done this with some shorter books that have relatively short chapters…i.e. less than the typical 2200 words or so that I think I’ve read the imported lessons in LingQ get sized at with an imported book. I just create a lesson out of each chapter.

While it would be nice if the import allowed you to select how many words were in each lesson, it shouldn’t be too difficult to copy and paste a couple of days worth at a time. You don’t have to import all 7 million words at once.