Breakfast in Vienna, June 4 8.00 am

I will be in Vienna briefly for business, June 3-5. I am trying to organize a meet up for breakfast at my hotel. I have announced at my blog and on my youtube channel. Is anyone here able to come. I will have most of the morning so some people may come later. Looking forward to meeting you.

My hotel in Vienna is the Hotel Europa.

Nice location to be staying. I live in Vienna, so I will see what I can do.

I’ll try to go there if I can get one of my colleagues to replace me at a conference. I’d need that break anway :wink:

Too bad the weather has changed again and it most likely will be cold and wet. Vienna is a wonderful place if the weather is nice.

To be in Vienna at 8.00 am I’d have to leave some time around 4.45 am from my home. But you said you have most of the morning, so I might try and join you guys a bit later in case I can actually go there.

@ Colin (Got your name right this time ;-)): If you manage to go there we could finally meet in person too. I’d really like that.

Hmm… it’s a bit of a train ride from Zürich =(

Next time come to Switzerland and I’ll be there

Zürich ain’t d@ far away!

Ehh it doesn’t look that far but it is 400 km away. 9 hours in a train or book a flight for breakfast. Not going to happen… unless I can convince the wife to make a mini-vacation out of it

Shaun, look forward to seeing you in Zurich, a town I know quite well. Mark played hockey there for two years.