Brazilian portuguese

i’m looking for any good brazilian portuguese materials on youtube ,or blogs or podcasts i know they have been posts here with links for resources of other languages but i don’t remember any one for portuguese

I recently found this channel that is runned by a brazilian couple living in Berlin. Although I am not sure if it has cc.

Alemanizando - YouTube

Edit: They seem to have also a blog but the post are few and far apart.

Hey, ktjoseph. How are you doing?

It’s very nice to know people are interested in my language. If you have any questions, send me a message.

You can find many good materials in this topic:

Good luck!

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I don’t know what you like, but here are some youtube channels I like:
Porta dos Fundos
Cade a chave?
Wally e Dasha
Jovem Nerd


I’ve REALLY struggled to find Brazilian content with accurate subtitles. Unfortunately the Youtube channels are mostly only auto generated but there are some top quality ones. Netflix Portuguese subtitles don’t match the audio track for things content like cartoons or dubbed shows (so strange but it happens for English too) but for authentic Brazilian made content, it’s accurate. Just search for Brazilian movies TV Shows on Netflix but I’ve decided to skip this until I’m more fluent and focus on short videos for now.

For Youtube, I second Porta dos Fundos on Youtube, ton of accurately subtitled videos there, they are short vids, tons of content, hilarious, and natural words/expressions

Parafernalha is another excellent Youtube channel like Porta dos Fundos for the exact same reasons.

Speaking Brazilian Language School - Speaking Brazilian Language School - YouTube
A lot of good content from a Sao Paulo teacher living in NYC. She wrote the subtitles in the video so i don’t know how accurate the auto generated subtitles are but she speaks really clearly so it should be good. You can edit if necessary.

Varal de Histórias - She reads children’s stories. You can google the titles of each video and find the books to import into LingQ. Although so far I think the words in these books seem a bit old fashioned.
Varal de Histórias - YouTube

Has 4 good Brazilian Portuguese videos - short stories, conversation, vocab

I checked other channels suggested here, I only see JovemNerd has accurate subtitles (not auto generated) for one of it’s playlists called “Nerdcast Stories” Nerdcast Stories (Toda sexta-feira) - YouTube - All of Season 1 seems to has subs but not all of season 2 but it’s still a lot of content which is great. The other channels are only auto generated and that’s not something I’m interested in until I’m much more advanced because auto subs are always mistaking words because so many words are NOT pronounced completely by Brasileiros. Ex: Obrigado is normally said “Brigado” and Voce as “Se”. - Funny blog content
Try looking for Brazilian Facebook groups

Updated: Added More Channels/Playlists I found or that were suggested on LingQ and can confirm have accurate subtitles (not auto generated)

Nexo Jornal

Spotniks - Has some subtitled (in video or added)

Whinderson: Proxima Parada - Only for this playlist

Nostalgia CIÊNCIA : Temporada 1

Buenas Ideias

Felipe Neto

Easy Brazilian Portuguese - Lost in translation | Easy Brazilian Portuguese 56 - YouTube

Canal KondZilla - Lots of big current Funk/Pop songs in Brasil

Now I have a wide variety of content to use. Hope this helps