Brazilian Guy knows more than 50 languages - Fake or Genius?

I read this article about a polyglot guy that know so many languages.

I´m struggling with just english a few years.

It is possible that guy be fluent in so many languages or he just know 2000 words each language?

You decide :

Parace que alguns idiomas ele domina bem, outros nem tanto.

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hehe, I’m feel more confident and relaxed now after saw that guy trying hard to understand simple questions in another language.

He claims that know 58 languages. Now I realize that guy is struggling to stay beginner in almost all languages that he affirms to know.

My conclusion is: languages are insanely hard to get fluently, without willingness.

See this blog post for a complete description, transcription and translation of all the languages spoken in that video:

I tried to read the ardentagnostic link, and it was impossible for me to scroll the page up and down, since the design of that page has a silly “pop out” menu whenever I approach the scroll-up arrow, and a feedback button right on top of the scroll down arrow.

The Finnish part is funny. She asks him a very specific question, which he obviously doesn’t understand. Then he responds with something akin to “Really, I learn Finnish three month, home in. Never times in Helsinki. No one help me dominate Finnish language.”

Good stuff! :slight_smile:

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I’d like to have this level in 58 languages… :slight_smile:

I think he passed much shame and nervous, because he didn´t knew a lot.

#JujuLeCaribou “I’d like to have this level in 58 languages… :-)”

All you have to do is memorize the following six sentences in 58 languages and you’re there.

I studied ____________ for three months.
I speak _____ languages.
_____________ is a very difficult language.
I continue being the greatest living polyglot.
I was born with a divine talent for languages.
Какой сегодня день недели?

polyglot2, awesome trick, tomorrow I will learn french, spanish and maybe arabic. LOL

I found it very funny… the face of the lady from Finland, how you can see through her thoughts “this guy is BS-ing us…” :smiley:

It´s very easy speak another language with pre-package phrases. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just saw the video posted by @maths. Oh man! What a sad and embarrassing experience indeed! It was really sad and shocking to witness something like that. That should teach a lesson of humbleness and moderation to all of us who like to learn foreign languages before stating we can speak fluently this or that other language.
We are talking about 58 languages here! Ugh! In this respect there’s also an interesting commentary made in Spanish by a user: “El que mucho abarca poco aprieta”.

Nothing wrong with learning lots of languages if that is what you want to do. For example, this guy seems very nice and is studying 72 languages (he has over 600 videos on YouTube). He does not attribute his ability to being a genius, but rather to the fact that he studies languages for 10-12 hours per day.

Sure, he and people like Moses may seem a little “eccentric” to those of us only studying 2-8 languages, but the world would be a very boring place if everyone were the same. I think we need people like the person I mentioned (Nelson is his name I think), Moses and others. The difference between them and Ziad is that these people put in a lot of time and effort (not just three months) and do not go around saying “I am the greatest language learner in the world…”

Everyone needs to make up their own mind about their language learning goals. I think most people start out with loftier and more ambitious goals when they are younger and then as they get older, they tend to reshape those goals based on their current reality. For me, I have decided to group my languages into three categories: those I want to know really, really well to advanced fluency, those where I will be satisfied even if I remain at the upper intermediate level and a final (much longer) list of languages where I will be satisfied with a basic to intermediate level and that works for me. If my situation changes, I can always move languages up or down a level. This way I can concentrate my efforts on my goals, while still not abandoning the occassonal language Wanderlust.

I of course agree with polyglot2, in the past, I failed miserably in organizing language learning goals, and due to the disorganization, I never got any better in my languages. Simple. I eventually woke up and realized that it takes a lot of effort to be good in a language.

And just to add, some of those above posts on this thread remind me a bit of when in the past I used to make retarded claims of learning a language in one day. Had I gotten back in the time I would have been much more mature than that but of course we all know we cannot go back in time.

Anyways, my point here is the same as polyglot2, if one wants to learn 72 languages well, no problem, but as long as one doesn’t race through anything and or make false claims, and especially as long as one puts in the needed effort for each language and makes realistic decisions, choices and goals in an organized fashion.

As for Nelson, he is indeed a really good polyglot and I have him on Facebook.

That confirms what i thought…
The claim of “speaking” one single foreign language is a huge one.
I remember when i used to say “i speak Spanish”, i don’t do that anymore even though i know more now than i did.
Now I prefer say “i’ve certain abilities in spanish” because i became aware that the goal of speaking a second language as fluently as my native language is impossible maybe not desirable too. In that sense i think Steve is right ,the important thing to focus on is beeing able to communicate “at ease”…

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