Brazilian everyday life

Hi my dear friends, what’s up?
So A long time ago I’m trying to start my personal diary here because I belive this is a very good opportunity to imporve my english, I’m sure you know is more easy you find a hundred dollars walking on the street that find someone here in Brazil to practice english with you.

Who are you?
I’m Lucas From beautiful São Paulo here in Brazil,I was an administrative assistant but I was promoted and now I’m a logistics technician, I’m so happy!
I’m here on lingQ since 16/november/2010 learning a lot.

So,let’s get down to business.
Today I’m mad because I get off my job at 6 o’clock and normaly I get home at seven o’clock and 20 minutes but today I came home about ten o’clock at night because of traffic.
Definitely I did have an adventure to me got home today and I hope tomorrow could be much better.
Now I just wanna relex,eat, take shower and sleep.
That’s it, if you can please correct my mistakes?

Hi my friends. I’m Brazilian and I want to practice English. You can add me on msn:

Hello Lucas. I like that you want to do a diary so I’ll mention a couple things.

more easy → easier

seven o’clock and 20 minutes → seven twenty or 7:20

16/november/2010 → November 16, 2010 or 12/16/10

16/november/2010 → November 16, 2010 or 12/16/10

Assuming he wants to write dates the American way, of course. :slight_smile:

@ TheBrazilianPolyglot

It would be a good idea to check your spelling, there are a few spelling errors or typos (imporve → improve, belive → believe, normaly → normally, relex → relax)

Congrats on your promotion!

@jonesduarte - Here is not a place to you practice you can create your topic to do it.

@kcb - Thanks, I have difficult to talk about numbers.

@Aybbe77 - Thanks for you help, I’ll try to improve.

@aybee77 Is there any other way? :stuck_out_tongue: You’re right. Typical American thinking on my part.

Braz Poly - I am curious about the work practices there. People from Brazil tell me you have to go out with your work mates after work and drink a few beers. Is that right?

Well, I guess you may do that to avoid the rush hour. As your diary seem to indicates, it can take a long time to get home.

Speaking as a Brazilian, I rarely ever go out with my work mates after work (or at any other time). I have done it a couple of times, but it’s not something you HAVE to do at all, at least in my experience. Many people like to do it, but I’m not one of them.

Olá, tudo bem?

Here we are again,one more day,one more time, Today I’m very happy because the Brazilian valentine´s day is on June 12th, today hehe.
Unfortunately I’m not going to find my girlfriend today because I worked today and she too but the weekend we’ll go out to dinner and buy gifts for us. how’s it?
Yes we’ll together buy the gifts because is the most practical way of giving a gift she wants, she has choice to choose the gift and later she will not say “I don’t like it” because she chose the gift.
For me it’s a normal day but for the girls definitely not! The women want chocolate, gifts, flowers, love letters and so forth and the men do not want to spend much money.
If you don’t have a Girlfriend just wait for the day because you’ll never forget how much money you spent.
Now I’ll check out my credit card for the weekend.
For today that’s it,if you can please correct my mistakes?
By for now.


I’m sure the ladies will say there’s a number of mistakes there, and I’m not talking about your English.:wink:

Olá, como vai?
So, today I would like to talk a little bit about my job.
I work in a company with at least 3.000 employees, monday-Friday I work 45 hours some people need to work saturday but I don’t.
I get there between 7:30 , 7:50 I have breakfast with my friends exactly 8:00 a.m
And then work,work,work listening my mp3 with my podcast.
I spend five,six hours listening my podcast’s, I don’t have time to sit down during the day and say “I’ll study” for me the best way to learn anything when I don’t have time to study is listening,but of course when I was beginner I didn’t understand just listening but now I can do this without problems it’s easy! but when I have some doubt I print the transcript and inside the bus I can check it.
Normally I have a lunch 14:00 P.M,I eat very fast to play “truco” with my friends if you don’t know about “truco” you can get more information here- Truco - Wikipedia

After that I back to the office and I work,work and work again until 18:00 p.m and then I start my adventure to take the bus.

For today that’s it,if you can please correct my mistakes?
By for now.

you can work with headphones on? wow

If you’re doing your job you can relax with your musics,send emails, read news on the internet…
Now I’m here on LingQ and working…