Brazil not is only beaches, Brazil it´s culture, Do you know?

Brazil is the home of the Vila Lobos, that it´s very good composer of the clasic music, also it´s the home of the Machado de Asis, big master of the literature, creator of the ABC( Brazilian Academy of the Letters) ans very ver peoples that do of the brazil very good Land
For you know Brazil don´t is Mulher melancia, don´t is beaches , is My land, my culture.

Interesting name!
Thanks for the message!

For me Brazil is the home of the legendary footballer Pele. I would like more learn about famous people from Brazil.

I’m Esperantist, who is esperantist? congress pan Ameriacan of the esperanto of the 2011
it´s in Brazil hehehehe

I met with a lot of esperantists this summer in Cuba, where it was the world congress of esperanto. But I dont speak esperanto. One of the esperantists that I met, she was from Brazil. Supre l’Esperanto. Supre la kulturo de brazil… :))))

cool , I dont’t very good speak esperanto , steve puts esperanto in LingQ hehehehe , it´s very language interesting. Ok?

Funny, I never new Brazil was famous for its beaches. My immediate associations with Brazil are: Tom Jobim, João Gilberto, and Milton Nascimento.

Good astmore , You know the truer Brazil

Yes, bossa nova is the most magical music in the world!
Don’t forget about the beautiful voice of Astrud Gilberto


And the two most frequent words in Brazilian songs are coração and triste (tristeza).

As for me, Brazil is the home of bright festivals, I mean the Carnival of Brazil!!! And Brazil is associate with a football, of course.