Bratislava Polyglot Gathering

Hey guys, just wondering to know if anyone’s going to be in Bratislava at the end of the month for the gathering. What are your thoughts on it or on language meet ups in general.

I have been to 2 Polyglot Gatherings in Berlin and I found it a very fascinating experience speaking all my foreign languages during the whole day with very interesting and like-minded people of different countries.

But I can’t come to Bratislava.


I was there last year and had a fabulous time. Just a wonderful holiday amongst friendly people with common interests. You also learn a lot. Beats lying on the beach somewhere. The same is true for the Langfest in Montreal in August.


Keep up your progress with Slovak, it’s nice to see someone is actually still using the mini stories:)
I’m unable to go to Bratislava but I know the organizers are very dedicated to making it a great conference

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Steve, do you expect to make Langfest again?

For sure!! Langfest is great and so are the other polyglot gatherings.


I plan to go back to Slovakia. I have been there three times. Once just a short visit to Bratislava. Then a family holiday in the Tatras over Christmas. Then the polyglot gathering last year. I really listened to the mini-stories a lot for that trip and was able to communicate in Slovak with many people. I enjoyed myself and intend to go back, and when I do I will again refresh my Slovak with the mini-stories. Thanks, many thanks!


That’s great to hear. I would like to try to get away since Montreal is a straight shot from New York. Out of curiosity, if I drive, can I survive between the American border and the festival without knowing French?


Not my thing. There was a speaker last year who is a man, dresses like a woman, has a beard, calls himself Susan or something and tells people he’s a girl, but tells people that they shouldn’t use pronouns because they hurt his feelings.

And everyone clapped him.

Not my kind of ‘people’ unfortunately. If a 6ft tall white neo-nazi was to tell people they had to refer to him as a 95-year old African midget lady, i think people would think he was insane. And rightly so. The polyglot gathering would clap him and tell you that refusing to refer to him as a 95-year old African midget lady makes YOU insane. And identiphobic or something.

By the way, from now on i want you all to call me Loretta.

Alright Loretta :slight_smile:

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