Brain Farts

At the moment, I have 16,000+ words known for German. I’ve also spent almost a full year in germany as part of an exchange program. I’ve rarely used english except for music, talking to parents back home, and youtube. I have progressed really far into my understanding as a german language learner but there are just sometimes when I just go completely blank as if I just forgot all of my german. So I end up sounding like a beginner when I can understand practically everything. Kinda demotivating at times when you see an old friend from the beginning of the year and can barely hold a conversation even though you just spent the past 8 hours at your internship reading the news on world issues/politics. Anyone else get these? How did you overcome?


That’s absolutely normal. It tends to happen when you’re tired. I remember being in Gemany and being able to function pretty well in the language during the day but then going absolutely dumb in the evening. Just be patient with yourself, accept that your performance will fluctuate. It’s a hard skill to master and we’re just humans

I agree. It definitely fluctuate, not just during the day but throughout all your life a guess

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I live in Germany about 3 years. I visited a C1 course here. But I am far from being fluent.

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