Bought the code it doesnt work

Hello community,
I’m new here, I bought the 6month code from some website and I don’t know how and where I can activate it.
Can I have some help please. Thanks in advance.

@rewiiksz - You can input your code at the bottom of the Account page by clicking on the group code link.

@mark - Hey thanks for fast response, I saw that before posting. However I’ve got few numbers when I bought the code so I dont really know which one is the code can you send me the form how the code should looks like, is it the random 10 numbers? If it is random 10 number code doesnt work, can you somehow see if it works and try to activate it for me?

P.S bought 2 of them none of them works.

@rewiiksz- just send an email to with your coupon details and we will get back to you.

@mark - hey, I just contacted site where I bought it, it seems I need to wait untill the time of the article is up, If I dont activate it, I’ll contact you. Cheers and thanks :3