Both of these could enrich your life

Here is a book that I enjoyed recently: It is a memoir by Rhoda Janzen “Mennonite in a Little Black Dress”. Very well written, moving yet humorous.

Coming up on Easter Sunday (20 April 19h30-21h55 GMT - or is it UCT these days?), on the BBC’s Radio 3: Antony and Cleopatra with Kenneth Brannagh and Alex Kingston whose voices are simply amazing in this production (and normally, too). They both are outstanding actors. Before the play there is a broadcast about Shakespeare, arguing for and against his genius.

Thank you Sannet , I’m really what to check it :smiley:

@TheBrazilianPolyglot: I don’t know whether the “… Little Black Dress” will fit you, but the Shakespeare certainly will suit you! :))

Even if you can’t listen to it on Sunday, it will be available internationally on the BBC iplayer (Radio) for a week or so, sometimes longer.

I have gone through both the books and I must say both of them are really very inspiring.It inspires the readers to lead their life in an optimistic way.

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@spatterson Hope you aren’t too disappointed! This Sunday it’ll be the turn of Romeo and Juliet, same time, same station!

Glad to say that my captcha is made up of numbers this time.

Romeo and Juilet. One of my alltime favorite Dire Straits songs.

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“Captcha: Lachain hereticos”

the heretical chain?

Someone is clearly having fun creating the captchas, or not.

Thank you for the link! I can’t believe I forgot Dire Straits’ Romeo and Juliet. Am really getting old. What a song.