Boring flashcards... How about not doing them?

I see that they are so boring for me after doing some 100 words of flashcards for a couple of days. After a certain time, i didn’t even look at my notifications and readings, listenings. Because reviewing LingQ’s by flash card, multiple choise etc. were so boring, unmotivating.

I don’t want to do flashcards anymore. I guess this will lead me to quit LingQ.

Is it possible to not doing any flashcard and still improving a language? I just want to read and listen( but don’t want to read/listen same lessons over and over)

I don’t like flashcards, too. But I like

I never used flashcards on LingQ.

Just reading and listening.

Flashcards? What’s that?

“Flashcards”, is that spanish? (: No, I never use them, I rather click on unknown words “in action” so to speak. I don´t really care if I’m learning words or not. That is just a consequence of mass-input. After a while my brain surrender and starts to remember the meaning of them. The trick is, to stick with interesting/ relevant content.

If you don’t like to do flashcards, don’t do it. I have to say that I don’t use flashcards, but I read a lot at lingQ and somehow am reviewing the words that I don’t know in content.

Same thing here. Don’t do what you find boring!

“Is it possible to not doing any flashcard and still improving a language?”

100% not possible. Flashcards are best. All children, in every language, drill flashcards from 6 months old and onwards. It is the only way to learn language. Do flashcards, boring drills, let it stick in your short term memory, with very little filtration through to your long term memory. Keep repeating. Better yet, go on language learning forums and tell everyone about your latest best ever flashcard learning methods. Never fails.


I do them occasionally, especially the flash cards from my imported lesson notes, the words and phrases that I mangled in my conversation with my tutor. Mostly I listen and read.

“Flashcards? What are they?” I blushed at my own ignorance.

are you serious?

Nice one. :slight_smile:

Absolutely not :slight_smile:

I am close to your opinion, iang!.. It isn’t boring for me to repeat new words. It’s just a part of my language study.
But if someone doesn’t want to do it - please, it’s their business! I don’t mind.
I believe that this assertion is connected with the discutable idea that you have to enjoy your Language learning, just enjoy, only enjoy!..
It’s sounds beautifully, but it’s absoletly wrong.
The language learning is the challenge, it’s a big task for everyone.
it consisnts of different points- some enjoyment, some sweat, some hard work, sometimes even some disappointment - but it’s always interesting, it’s always a discovery!..

What if I don’t try to remember the meaning of the foreign word that comes up on the screen ? It’s taking much more time.

I just want to see the word, click next, see the meaning, click got it…? Is it still good ?

That’s my way enjoying this site.

I wouldn’t call them delicious, but they are high in fibre.

I use LingQ because it makes looking up words much easier. I tried using pop up dictionaries but always grew tired of constant clicking on words that I don’t know. It was even more irritating when I remembered seeing the word just an hour before its next occurrence but had already forgotten the meaning that I had looked up. LingQ stores the translation for me and there is a hint for me that I had already stumbled across that word in the past. It feels awesome when I look at a yellow word and I know the meaning - that’s a clear sign that I’ve made an improvement :slight_smile: I don’t bother however changing its status to known. Known Words number is just that - a number. Tried using flashcards but that’s totally boring.

I tried LingQ flashcards and got bored. Made great improvements with massive input thanks to LingQ so there is no need to review the flashcards.

I’m very glad there are people down under that share the same sarcastic sense of humor like some of us Yanks.