Books with Spanish and english translations

Hello all. I am a beginner in Spanish with a vocab of about 300-500 words (Lingq says much more, but I don’t could plurals etc).

I don’t know if this exists, but I would love to start reading novels for my level that have both Spanish and English translations. Do you know if such a thing exists? If not, then someone needs to get on to this :slight_smile:

I have heard good things about Penguin Parallel readers. Basically just search for “Spanish Reader” on amazon and read reviews. There are lots of options and many available used for cheap.

If I were you I would just stay patient with lingq! You probably know a lot more than you think since English and Spanish share a lot of vocabulary. Paul Noble’s Spanish course made me realize this. I got mine for free off a torrent.

You can see this soap opera it is very slow and they repeat a lot. Good luck Viviana

Off LingQ I would also recommend Penguin’s Parallel Texts. But on LingQ I like to import Spanish short stories (with audio and text) from Many of the recordings on there are of relatively famous authors, and if you hunt around the web you can find English translations to go along with some of them. It’s a bit of legwork, but definitely worth it.

Guys - great advice. Thank you all very much. Long live Lingq!