Books with audio

Could I ask for some advice. Has anyone imported books with audio? If so, where did you purchase your books and how did you import them. One page at a time? Is it easy enough to import the audio for the section you import?

Any suggestions on a book for importing other that Harry Potter. It’s not my cup of tea :wink:

What lanugage are you looking for books in?

You can buy books on Amazon and open them up with the software Calibre and then import them. I don’t think it is worth uploading audio to LingQ for books. If you want to listen to the book, go to Audible (owned by Amazon) and buy the audiobook version too.

In terms of what kind of books you should read, the answer is simple. Read any books you are interested in reading.

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The last books I’ve bought were from the “Fallen Series” from Lauren Kate. I’ve got also the audio version from the books, but I did some work on them, to split into chapters using a video editing program.

To get the chapters from the book itself it’s very easy and is not difficult at all. I created my Imports around each chapter.

That series have a total of 5 books, that has been translated to 32 languages (if I remember well). I’ve got the English version, since is the language I’m working on it at this moment.

Thanks for the help.

Colin I’m looking for Czech books. When i asked which books I was referring to level not interest. Some of the stuff i would read in English would be too advanced for me. I want something simple, but not HP.

Cheers Zferdy