Books in Spanish

Hey Everyone,

I’m looking for some E-books in Spanish to import into Lingq. Does anyone know of a good place to do so?

Also, I would like to eventually start buying physical books. Could someone show me where to buy them?


There are some free Spanish books here: Browse By Language: Spanish | Project Gutenberg

Not sure on the physical ones though…


I think where to buy physical books depends on where you live.

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Yeah, I live in Houston, TX, USA. I was looking to buy some books online.

Nice! There is a tons of books there. Thanks!

I live in Houston as well (Katy to be exact). Learning Spanish too. Girlfriend bought me El amor en los tiempos de colera but other than that I haven’t sought out any books. Have never bought a book from the languages section at Half Price, but I’ve been pretty impressed with the size of the Spanish section at the two story Barnes and Noble in River Oaks.

Nice, I’ve looked at the HPB section and it wasn’t that robust. But I have not looked at B&N in River Oaks. I’ll have to check that out for sure!

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Try your local library. Mine has Spanish language books ranging from young children to adults in almost every category: how-to, fiction, non-fiction, etc… Vivo en la zona de Orlando.