Books in multiple languages

Hi there,

I’d like to know if any of you has any recommendations on books that are widely available in multiple languages, and preferably with accompanying audio.

I’m asking this mainly for the purpose of learning multiple languages. I’ve found during the past that using materials such as books with known content helps me a lot in learning new languages. One example is the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson. I have at least one copy in each language that I’m learning - English, Swedish and Italian. I’ve even bought a Spanish one when I visited Spain this summer, knowing that I’ll learn Spanish in the future for sure.

So, do you know of or have a favourite book that is widely available in multiple languages that makes it a good one for language learners? Let us know! :slight_smile:

I recommend “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie, but I am afraid most of you have already read this book.

I know that some people like to read the Harry Potter series in multiple languages. I’ve read a couple of Dan Brown’s books in Swedish and Spanish. Mike Campbell (Glossika on youtube) likes the books by Lee Child.

edit: nevermind, I had suggested hobbit in Chinese, but I´ve just seen you are Chinese…

edit 2.: have you tried some of Umberto Eco´s books in Italian? maybe there are audiobooks as well

Thanks all for the suggestions! :slight_smile:

@jeff - I’m planning to read a bit Dan Brown’s books. It appears to me that his books are VERY popular now, so I’m quite interested in finding out why. :slight_smile:

@brunort6 - I just checked out my local library’s catalog. They do have quite some books written by Umberto Eco in English, Swedish and Italian! So this looks very promising! :slight_smile:

Eco´s books are great, but it will depend on your reading preferences; there are people who can´t stand those huge descriptions of Medieval art. When you start Ill nome de la Rosa, for example, Eco uses a whole page to describe the door of a church. But the book becomes very interesting after passing the first 50 pages (especially interesting for those who like detective books AND medieval stories). So, if you want something very light, maybe you should choose another one. I have been reading Harry Potter in Chinese, for example. It is very light, and it takes no effort at all, despite the thousands of lingqs I have been creating.

José Saramago’s novels are translated into many languages.�%20Saramago%201922-2010