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I looking for a site with books for foreign learners dependent on their skill ( beginner, intermediate , upper something like that.). I read about overlearining method and I want try it but I don’t know where I can find that kinds of book. Maybe you have prompt for me what book can I use to this method , which book is better for start ( I am intermediate in school but I feel I am worse) Thx for your help. Best regards from Poland :wink: Markius !!

No one can help me ? :frowning:

I do not understand the question.

I am looking for a site with books for foreign language learners depending on their skill. I read about the over-learning(?) method and I want to try it (this method) but I don’t know where I can find those kinds of books. Can you help me find what book(s) I can use for this method? Which book is better to start with?

Can’t think of any books right now… Give me a moment…

So Dr. Seuss is probably too easy, but To Kill A Mockingbird may be a little too difficult?

“I am looking for a site with books for foreign language learners depending on their skill”. I still don’t know what this means.

I have never heard of “over-learning” but if this is a type of learning, I assume the best thing would be to google the term.

I think he is looking for a site with graded reading? Maybe he wants a site where he can download books that match his skill level.

“Overlearning is a pedagogical concept according to which newly acquired skills should be practiced well beyond the point of initial mastery, leading to automaticity. Once one has overlearned a task, one’s skill level is higher than the challenge level for that task.”


Marlord, I (we) do not understand your question. What is overlearning, and what level of English do you wish to read? Perhaps you can name a book or two at that level, to guide us. There are many English speakers on this site. We can surely recommend books if you tell us more about what you want.

If I understand correctly what Cloud1241 want to pass me I want site with graded reading :wink: I wish to read that kinds of books which is appropriate to my current skills. I want to chose the level which book is written. I searching for that type of site.

Over-learning is a method of science (including the concept of teaching), according to which newly acquired skills should be practiced well beyond the scope of liquidity. Generally speaking, a relatively small segment of the material should be remembered well enough that his play in the future took place almost automatically. Szylara method draws from this very concept and (in a nutshell) require the student to read aloud without error in advance for specific text, which is preceded by the repeated questioning of the text of this audio book. The method is addressed only to those highly motivated self-learners.

If you do not know that type of site you can suggest me what kinds of books I can read now. I really like addictive books something like Robinson Crusoe. I like books on historical themes something like a UFO, Egyptian myths, inventions, Egyptian batteries various such written in a very interesting and engaging way.

and sorry for my English. The inconsistency in my sentences, inaccuracy, misunderstanding but I’m learning all the time and keep exercises and keep practicing.

hmmm…well I am not sure if you’ll be able to read some of these books, but I believe these books are engaging and have some historical themes to them.

“Timeline” by Michael Crichton. Medieval meets science fiction. This may be too difficult to read though.

“Eyewitness” book series, They have books on everything with lots of pictures and details.

I may be able to think of more later. Hopefully… :wink:

Have a look at " "

Marlord, if you keep reading and writing you will certainly improve your English. There is no doubt about it. Good luck. I am impressed with your enthusiasm and determination.

I’m also a learner!
Some times it seems to hard for me to read a book.
So I read a lot of different text in the LingQ.library.
Now I read Alice in the Wonderland with different accents ,each week a new chapter!With different Audios. (The video is with a other voice!)
Alice in Wonderland - LingQ Language Library
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll - LingQ Language Library
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll - LingQ Language Library

and the seem story in France!


Marlord, I don’t know if I understood your demand, but if what you want is graduate readings, you can seek at Penguin Books. They have books specially adapted for English students, classified in 6 or 7 levels, from beginers to advanced learners. Good luck!

The short answer is: look here Home - Penguin Readers

Sign up for a 15 minute conversation with me for the long answer and more suggestions!

I can’t sign up for conversation because I don’t have points on my account : ( . Could you please write your long answer and your suggestions . I will appreciate this. And I still wait for more answer on my question.

OK Marlord, the first part of the long answer is this:

Take this vocabulary test (the first one, about number of word families you know) and tell me what your results are:

Then we should be able to work out which Penguin graded reader level you are at. From there we should be able to come up with some suggestions for “authentic” books, ie ones not rewritten especially for language learners.

This is my results: You know at least 6,000 English word families.

@Marlord - I would recommend you to read ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ written by John Boyne (an Irish writer). It’s a very easy book to read and it has a historical theme (World War II). Boyne uses very simple grammar and basic vocabulary so you should be able to read it without too many difficulties.

@Marlord: 6 000 word families? HAve you tried Harry Potter?