Bookmarklet-related problem

I don’t want to sound like the one who has always something to complain for, but I’d like to make you aware of an issue related to the Bookmarklet, which is why I haven’t been using it much yet.
After importing content from the web, I often need/want to edit it, to remove useless parts, to correct mistakes (most people who write blogs and such don’t care about spelling), or to move the lesson to another collection.
The problem is that, as soon as I open the lesson in the “edit-mode”, the layout is lost and the whole text appears as a single paragraph, which makes it more difficult to read it.
Any ideas or solutions?
Thanks and have a good Sunday,

Hi Michele,

We’re always glad when people tell us that things aren’t working as they should. As you know, it’s very difficult for us to come across all the errors that thousands of users potentially will, so we appreciate you taking the time to report this error.

This is definitely a bug, and from what I remember it’s not one that existed a week or two ago. We’ll see if we can get that sorted out, but in the meantime here’s a potential workaround:
Import the lesson using the Import Bookmarklet. If the formatting needs fixing, then click on “Quick LingQ” (or view the Print View), copy the text, then click the pencil to edit and paste the text that you copied. This will, in the meantime, ensure that you’re not stuck with everything merged into one paragraph.

Hi Alex,
thanks for your kind answer. I certainly know that you cannot come across all possible errors… and I will patiently wait until this one is fixed.
If I’m not wrong, I have always had this problem with the bookmarklet, which is why I have rarely used it. Anyway, thanks for your (hopefully temporary) advice. I will certainly do so.

Michele, just wanted to let you (and others!) know that this has been fixed as of today :slight_smile:

Sorry, it looks like I got a little excited there :stuck_out_tongue:
Although it IS fixed, the changes will take place when we push them to the production server, but that’s something that isn’t done right away. We have to make sure everything is working before issuing any updates. Sorry about jumping the gun – it shouldn’t be too much longer, though!

Thanks anyway, Alex.

The same problem exist when you want to edit imported reports (conversation and writing reports). Is this problem resolved too?

Hi Vera,

I wasn’t actually aware of that issue. We’ll take a look and see if it’s a similar issue in the code. Thanks for pointing that out.

Vera, the issue with editing imported reports has been fixed. Please let us know if you continue to encounter any errors!