Bookmarklet issue

So I have noticed an issue with the bookmarklet that I think is new, but am not sure. I tried recently to import a bit of Russian text that friend had written on Facebook using the bookmarklet. When the lesson opened, however, the text that was there was some old text that I have imported from Facebook using the bookmarklet. Today I was importing some German from a thread in the forum here. I imported one chunk of text from the thread, read it, and went back to the thread to import another chunk of text. What I got when the lesson opened was the first chunk of text. It appears that if I import some text using the bookmarklet, and the bookmarklet is going to create a lesson with the same name as one that already exists, it just opens that lesson and does not make a new one. Here is a demonstration.

@ColinJohnstone - That makes sense. I don’t think the Bookmarklet was designed to allow for multiple imports from the same page. I’ll add this to our list and we’ll see what we can do to get this fixed!

Cool. Also I noticed an error on the app. Create a new playlist with no lessons in it and go to the list of playlists. The list says there is one lesson in the playlist.

@ColinJohnstone - This should be fixed in the new version of the app, which is hopefully coming soon!

I can’t wait to see what’s in this new update. Will the issue with the highlighting of LingQed phrases be fixed?

@ColinJohnstone - I’m not sure I recall exactly which issue you’re referring to, but I’m confident you’ll like the new app in any case :slight_smile: