Bookmarking a lesson


Is there any way to bookmark a lesson for later? I’ve found a very good lesson and I don’t have time right now, so I want to save it for later. I’m new here, so I’m still finding my way around. Any help much appreciated!


@Richard61 - Sure! Any lesson you open will be added to your My Lessons list. If you want to separate your lessons out even further, you can use Playlists. To add this lesson to a playlist, click on the button next to Open when viewing the lesson in My Lessons, then click “Add to Playlist”. Just add a playlist called something like “For later” and you’ll be good to go. Let us know if you have any additional questions, and good luck!

Thanks Alex! A friend recommended this site to me, I’m glad she did as it’s a great way to learn. A lot of different resources in one place!