"bookmark" for longer transcripts

Could there be a kind of “bookmark” for longer transcripts?

I like longer lessons. But I find that I can’t LingQ through more than about 5 minutes of audio-transcript at a time.

I usually get through the first 5 minutes of every audio-transcript. However the final 5 or 10 minutes (depending on the actual length) is forever unattainable because I get pulled away for some reason and when I return I can’t remember where I left off.

It just occurred to me I could take a screenshot (lol), but having this feature built in so you know where in the audio/transcript you last looked at it would be great if it is easy to implement.

I agree that this would be a nice feature. I have the same problem as you. It takes a little time to figure out where I left off lingQing. I will add it to the wish list.

I do not understand - do you want a bookmark on the text or on the audio or on both ?