Booking conversation is difficult to handle

if I want to book different conversations - one after the other - weekly - that is really difficult.

I have to click “next week” more often how further it is and I have to begin always in the first week.

Is there a possibility to offer a calender where I am able to click on the date (how it was earlier)?

Hi Irene,

An improved Speak page navigation is coming very soon including a calendar.

Hi Mark, nice to hear that. I always struggle with the speak page navigation.

By the way, are there new translations to do? It is better to have the translations BEFORE the update is coming.

Hi Vera,

It would be nice to get the translations done before but unfortunately, the translation system only works after new pages have been uploaded. However, I will ask all translators to make these changes as soon as possible after they have been uploaded.

I look forward to seeing the new Speak page navigation!

Booking speaking sessions is certainly a bit tricky. I aim to book 3 discussions a week, in 3 different languages. I have to find the times when each of the different tutors for each language are available and then check that I won’t be busy, hosting a discussion or already booked up for a chat in a different language. It takes ages and I need to have 4 different pages open at once, one for each language. The best way to stop myself from accidental double-booking or simply forgetting an event is to create a dummy event that I am hosting at that time, which will show up in the list of events I am hosting as a tutor. :frowning: