Book recommendation

Hello, can anybody recommend a good book for a beginner to start with for learning French? and where to buy it from? Thanks

you mean an actual book to read and not a grammar book?

If you’re an actual beginner, I’d say, start with the mini stories, some random lessons, the news, anything on the home page. If you’re a bit more advanced and would like to tackle actual books, I’d say it depends on what you like reading.

I’m personally into fantasy and history and horror. Some of the easier books I’ve read are:

  • phobos
  • Vous êtes cordialement invitée
  • et toujours les forêts
  • 1974
  • l’au delà
  • les Maccoys
  • Yardam

The first actual book I personally started with was: L’agent des ombres, by michel robert. A challenge at the time, looking up words every sentence - but since it’s a long series, I learned a lot by reading through it.
The best French fantasy book I’ve read up until now is l’enfant de poussière