Blue/yellow words indicator don't change after I finish a lesson

the last day, even after I finish a lesson, it still says on the course page that this specific lesson has (for example) 43 blue words (27%) and 0 yellow words.
the green bar tho’ is marked at 100% at it should be.

when I enter that lesson, all my Lings are marked yellow as they should be, and there are no blue words as it should be.

thank you :slight_smile:

Just came on here to post this. I have the exact same issue.

Sorry about that. We are working optimizing those numbers that show outside the lesson but there are some issues. We are working on this.


Similar problem for me as well. My lesson or course page shows 0 yellow words even though I have marked several words yellow in a given lesson or course. And the blue indicator will show several (sometimes in the hundreds) words as blue, even though there are no blue words left.

This has been an issue for a while (I’m sure it’s well over a month now). I don;t know how as a learner they expect you to cough up $10 a month when the main selling point doesn’t work :frowning:

It really is a shame that they don’t seem to think that this is a major issue because for me it really is, I was going to sign up but until it’s fixed I really don’t see the point!


@Estruch, nuttyredhead - We certainly don’t think this isn’t an issue. We have been working on it for weeks. Those numbers have been very slow to load for a long time now so we are working on optimizing the generation of those numbers. 0 LingQs is showing for everyone right now. Sorry about that. The New Words numbers should be working properly now and loading much more quickly than before. If they are still showing incorrectly, can you take a screenshot of the lessons giving you problems and email the screenshots along with links to those lessons to support at lingq dot com?

I’m very curious now, I contacted support about this because I’m new and really wanted to use this site mainly because I could see the %/number of new words for my next lesson. I was told it would be fixed by Monday, but now I’m reading this and I’m somewhat confused on why I was told it would be fixed today. If it hasn’t been working for weeks, it’s highly unlikely that the support didn’t know it’s been taking weeks and will possibly take longer. It would be good to have a warning of some kind to let people know that some important information they wanted from LingQ is currently not working. It is hard to know some things are not working before paying.

New words (Blue) is still not working for me.

I have several lessons I have completed today that still show words as being unknown even though there are no unknown words.

I am happy to send screenshots if you want them, just let me know but I definitely read through 3 lessons today and clicked the huge make all words known button at the end…they are all still showing a total for the unknown (blue) words and none of them are showing zero.

@ChanningR - This is something we are actively working on. These numbers are currently working except that they are being cached and so any changes are not updating properly right away. Again, we are actively working on it and hope that it will be fixed tomorrow. It is not possible to always know how long things will take to fix. The nature of this issue is that is very difficult to test it without pushing it to production because we also have to measure the load caused by these features. We are trying to optimize the calculations to reduce load so we can do more things with these numbers like enabling sorting by new words percentage which is a feature many have been asking for but which we are prevented by doing because of the resource hungry nature of doing these calculations.

Please have patience for another day or so. We think this latest solution looks very promising. I should also point out that the actual numbers that display when you open a lesson are correct. It is only the numbers in the lesson lists that may be out of sync.

@nuttyredhead - Yes, these numbers are being cached and not updated correctly. We hope to have a fix for this tomorrow. In the meantime, the yellow LingQs number should be working properly now, although it, too, is cached and doesn’t reflect changes immediately.

@channingR - I should also point out that what you are asking for, which is the ability to see the number and percentage new words in a new lesson, is working now and has been since the end of last week. It is only after you have opened a lesson and the numbers have changed that they are not updating properly.

@Mark -I’m patient. My only concern was that I was told by support Monday, then I checked the forums and found out it has been a bug for a while. So I was confused on the reason behind telling me Monday if the odds are unlikely. I understand you’d hope for it to be tmomorrow, but that’s giving me or anyone else hope. It’s best to say there is a problem and explain why, but not give a date. I understand there is a bug and it will take time and patience, but I still believe there should be a message on the home page saying that it’s currently not working correctly. (or as intended) There should be an area on the site with a list of current bugs and problems so people can see it. That way they have a full view of what they can do before purchasing a subscription. I’m happy to hear you all are working on it, but you shouldn’t feel the need to explain why or how you need to fix it. It’s better to just say it’s not working and you hope it’s working soon, but it’s important for the community to know what bugs are going on so more post are not made over and over. A lot easier clicking a bug link and seeing all current problems. Now if there is something like that I didn’t know. I’m new, here. I enjoy the site a lot and it has a lot to give.

Edit: I’d also like to add that the reason I’m saying all of this is because of thought of someone spending 10$ for a site and not being able to use the main feature they wanted to use. If this has been going on for weeks. It’s possible that I wont be able to use it very well for this first month I’m here.

Hello Mark, thank you for your personal responses to this thread. It is comforting to know that these comments are monitored and addressed.

As an update on my end (as of 9/17, 8:30 EST):

As you said, the percentages of known words and new words are accurate when a new lesson is opened. It is only AFTER reading the lesson and marking words known or creating LingQs that the problem seems to occur.

The number of LingQs shown within the lesson is accurate, but the info on the title card is not updating.

It does not appear that I can attach a screen shot here (curious, as I could have sworn I did that earlier with a different message.)

Thank you for your updates in this matter.

@ChanningR You are so right as a new user trying to navigate what is already a very confusing website, this really should have been noted somewhere on the site as a known problem. One of the reasons I haven’t upgraded in the end is the excruciatingly slow and very defensive support offered.

@mark… this issue was raised ages ago and I know you are working on it but even back then I was told it would be fixed in about a week.

Hopefully this time you’re right and it will be fixed tomorrow…

@nuttyredhead I will not upgrade again until it’s fixed. There is no point in paying for an upgrade if you can’t use the tools you’re upgrading for.

Edit: I understand the tools work for anyone wanting to let me know it’s working, but it’s not working as intended at all I’m on day 4 and my yellow words just popped up. Which estimated means that on every 4th day I will be updated “Yellow words only” would be around 8 to 9 times I get my Yellow words updated per month. Once the month is over I’ll have a small idea of what I actually paid for.

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@ChanningR I have been using the website and app for a little over a month now and it’s the most buggy thing I have ever come across, there is no excuse these days for such a poor user interface or slow support system.

And as for the price, good god…they really think it’s comparable to my Netflix subscription!!!

I’m sure it takes a lot of work and the idea is great but all of the issues really put me off upgrading.

Maybe if I had another month of use without these problems I’d change my mind…?

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