Blue Words - LingQs

So I’m trying to understand why I can’t view the meaning of a word that’s marked blue.

I don’t quite understand what LingQs are and how they work.

I started learning Swedish a few days ago and LingQ is my primary source for it as I want to listen to it mostly. I have other language active and I’m wondering if that’s interfering with the fact that I’m unable to view the translations. I want to mark some words as known or just see the translation. Is that considered as “LingQs”?

I guess there is that 20 LingQ limit and then I’m unable to do anything else but to mark “all” blue words as known?

I’m thinking about getting the upgrade but may someone explain to me what LingQ are and how to interact with the content?

Hi! It looks like you’ve hit your LingQs limit, so you will still be able to read and listen to lessons on the site, but in order to look up and save additional words you will need to upgrade your account.

A LingQ is essentially just a card which is saved to a database. If you don’t know a word, you can click on it and add a translation. This word will then show up highlighted in yellow in all future lessons, and will be sent back to you for periodic review to help you learn the word. You can review LingQs through various different vocabulary tests on the Vocabulary page (Learn > Vocabulary).

Your goal in each lesson is to get rid of all the blue words, whether that be by marking them as known, marking them as ignored or saving them as LingQs. Once you have worked through all the blue words, you can then continue to review the lesson or you can move on to another lesson. By adding new LingQs and regularly reviewing your existing LingQs, you’ll continue to learn more and more words and understand more and more of the language.

If you have any additional questions on this be sure to let us know!

Ich habe das gedacht. Danke.