Blue words and yellow words

I have been trying to use LingQ, but I scrolled through a lot of blue words, and I think the website now assumes I know all these words, when I don’t.

I also clicked on words and made them yellow, but some of those were words I already know.

Is there a way to reset all the blue words and yellow words?

I’m sort of losing track of things very quickly.

I’ve asked about this before and nope, you cannot do a mass undo of words you accidentally made into “known.” You would have to click on each word and leave it as known, change it to something on the 1-4 practice schedule, or click the “ignore” button. They should just add an “unknow” / reset button to add a word to unknown and show as blue in a text.

It sounds like you did what I did as well, when you scroll to the next page in a lesson the words become known unless you made them yellow lingqs. There is a setting to the effect of “paging sets words to known” - you should uncheck this so it does not automatically set your new blue words to known.

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You will need to click on each word separately and create LingQs or ignore them. That’s the only way to remove them the from Known Words statistics. However, eather way you would need to click on each word and make it known/ignore or LingQ it when going through a new lesson, so that’s not really a problem.
You can disable “Paging moves to known” and “Auto LingQs Creation” options if you click on the settings button on the top right on the lesson page. That way you will prevent blue words to switch to known automatically when you page or to yellow when you click on them.

You only have 79 known words and it seems your vocabulary info is a bit of a mess, you might want to reset your whole language stats and start from scratch. You can do that by navigating to “settings” (from the menu next to your user name) then “languages” and clicking the “delete language” link next to the name of the relevant language

Good suggestion. What a goofy setting of “Paging moves to known.” Why not just keep like it was, “I know all remaining blue words.” If you click it, they move to known, if not, they stay blue. If it ain’t broke…


Thank you, I will delete the language and start over.

I can only mark words with K or X to move through them.

If I hit left or right, or click on another word, the entire thing freezes.

I can do nothing if I don’t mark the word I’m on with K or X.

Anyone else, or just me?

That’s strange, nobody else complained about it so it seems to be an issue on your end. Which browser are you using?

Google Chrome. The website doesn’t even display correctly on Safari.

I’ve tried with and without VPN running. It is strange. No other website gives me problems.

It seems to be related with the issue some users are experiencing on the lesson page currently. Our team is looking into it and it should be fixed tomorrow. Thanks for your patience!

Can you please try again and let us know if it is fixed? Thanks and sorry about this.

Well, in the New View, I can click between blue words and hit left and right arrow keys to move through them, but neither K nor X does anything.

In Classic, if I click on a blue word in a new lesson I can use K and X, but if I click to another blue word or use the arrow keys it freezes up. Can’t move, K or X at all.

If I reopen an old lesson in Classic I can’t move off the word I’m on when it opens up, unless I switch to New View, but then K and X still do nothing.

Strange no one else is reporting this issue. It’s fine though. I’m just using a free account and have reached LingQ limits, so hints don’t even show. I read novels and do Gold Lists away from LingQ, then just like to come back and add known words for fun, but it’s not really working anymore.