Hi! Sorry I have never had a blog and I do not know how it works. What have I to do to open one? Where? What is it for? Could you help me, please? Thanks

There is no single type of blog out there and they can be used for different types of activities. You have to decide for yourself what you’d want to do with one. It can be a tool for sharing things you find interesting, or more like a diary. Tumblr might be a good site for you to look at, but there are many more sites that also offer blogging services.


Thanks for your information. My question about creating a blog was due to a message received from LingQ: We’d like to recommend you a blog for learning Spanish at LingQ" . …

I believe this was a blog actually put together by alsuvi and berta, AKA “IDEL”.

By the way, this might be of help to you: What is a Blog?