Blog about Learning Languages

I just started a blog about learning languages.

When I’ve begun to learn languages, I’ve got a lot of motivation from people like Steve Kaufmann and others, with their tips and articles, I’m far from having anything near their experience, but I do have some experience now and I would like to motivate people as they’ve done to me in the past, that’s the main reason of my blog.

Most of the blog has been written in English and Portuguese, since it’s the only 2 languages I know at this moment, but as I learn more languages I’ll add more translations there.

There are 2 main sections of the blog:

  • “Articles” => Tips, Articles, and comments from my own experience and from the knowledge that I’ve got so far.
  • “Diary” => It’s a description for my daily studies, for whoever have the curiosity to keep tracking what I’m doing with the languages I’m learning at the moment.

I’m planning also in a near future, to create another section called “Links” to organize everything that I’m using or have used to study (books, links, websites, audio, videos, etc)

So, this is it. The web address is:

Feel free to take a look, and you can also track new posts through my LingQ Profile, it’s automatically updated as I post there.