Block of text I can't remove when importing content

Whenever I import a new lesson and save it, LingQ add this to the bottom:
“TRANSLATE with x English ArabicHebrewPolish BulgarianHindiPortuguese CatalanHmong DawRomanian Chinese SimplifiedHungarianRussian Chinese TraditionalIndonesianSlovak CzechItalianSlovenian DanishJapaneseSpanish DutchKlingonSwedish EnglishKoreanThai EstonianLatvianTurkish FinnishLithuanianUkrainian FrenchMalayUrdu GermanMalteseVietnamese GreekNorwegianWelsh Haitian CreolePersian TRANSLATE with COPY THE URL BELOW.”
It goes on for much longer. I try to delete it but everytime I save the lesson, it returns. Does anyone know how to remove this?

Sorry to hear that. Did you import lesson manually? Can you please provide URL to one of these lessons? Thanks!

I did import it manually. Here’s the link: Metro Last Light Excerpts, Metro Last Light Excerpt / / P...
Thank you =)

I just edited that lesson, removed that part of the text and it’s still gone after saving. Let me know if you see this again.